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In every episode of the Sanayi Savaşları documentary, which started broadcasting on TRT Belgesel in 2016, the craftsmen who are asked to create a new tool, invention within 24 hours with the materials given, bring the secrets of the profession and the details of the work to the screen, work with the limited materials and spare parts at hand, and the surprising results that come out keep the audience hooked to the screen.

The groups competing as two teams know no limits in their fierce competition to be the winning team.

DIRECTORM.Bilal Eroğlu
CASTHalit Bolkan, Osman Karahalilöz, Hakan Girginer, Ömer Yaşar, İbrahim Dalkalı, Melih Aksoy, Fevzi Taşçi, Ersin Albay, Emre Dağıtmaç, Nizamettin Kelo